What is More Than Buckets?

With More Than Buckets, we aim to tackle the hottest topics that sports and pop culture has to offer. Our lively and laid-back style of writing combined with our knowledge and thought-provoking points of view makes for raw, authentic content that is fun to read. 

Meet the Writers

Jason Sony


Hey! So, I’m Jason (Sosajony). I’m from the Bay area,  the dopest place in the country. Everything about the Bay is dope as hell, especially the sports fans here. They get hella rowdy. Anyways, I love my sports and music. I’ve been a Laker and Raider fan for as long as I can remember. Those are my teams man, through thick and thin. 2pac will always be the GOAT and I don’t even wanna get started with the argument between him and Biggie. That’s an argument for another day. I’m 23 and I got my B.S. in Health Sciences. I guess this little blog is a way for me to share my thoughts on some topics I truly love! Anyways, this is a pretty brief intro to get to know me but you’ll learn more about me throughout my blog posts so make sure you check them out!

Greg Allen


I’m a 23 year-old recent college grad (Stingers up!) and earned a degree in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations. I’m infatuated with spicy food, ramen and dogs. I’ve been a Lakers, SF Giants, LA Kings and 49ers fan since I started watching sports. In my free time, I love to find and listen to new music. Writing is my thing. It has always been one of my strongest skills as a student, which led me to an interest in Public Relations. I aspire to own my own PR agency down the road, but for now I am just soaking in as much information as I can and paying my dues so I can get to where I want to go. In the mean time, I’ll be writing about music, sports and other topics I enjoy.

Chris Archibald

What’s up y’all! Little late to MTB due to my unmatched talent in the procrastination department, but I’m here now, ready to go. I was born and grew up in the Bay, a fan of the San Francisco 49ers/Oakland A’s/Golden State Warriors. Sports have been my passion since I was 6 years old going through that section of the newspaper every morning, so this will be the place to share my thoughts/predictions/etc. regarding the world of sports and more. Because it is the greatest sport known to man, most of my posts will be centered around football, but I will try to share my thoughts on a little bit of everything. I strongly encourage debate/discussion so if you don’t agree with a take of mine, leave a comment or shoot MTB an email. Can’t wait to share my thoughts and hopefully interact with y’all, stay tuned!

George Brewster


Hey whats up! I’m George. Born and bred in the East Bay where the youngsta get hyphy . I am 23-year-old upcoming 1L at the Emory University School of Law with a degree in Political Science and History  just trying to make a difference in this world marred with adversity and uncertainty. Though law and politics are my first love I am a cultural connoisseur;  Everything from sports, food, fashion, music , television and film . So, if you’re interested in compelling takes that keep you thinking you came to the right place.