2017: Year in Review

WE MADE IT! 2017 is almost officially in the books and it was an interesting year to say the least. We made it though the a year of Trump’s presidency, so let’s all collectively take a sigh of relief.

More Than Buckets is back, ya’ll and we’re back for good. For one reason or another, we were not able to produce content as much as we had hoped when we initially started the project. I’ll write a future article about my hiatus but in the mean time, check out some staff’s opinions on some of the highlights and lowlights of 2017.


Movie of the year

Greg: Get Out 

I didn’t really watch movies much this year, but I would have to say Get Out. The opening song was “Redbone” by Childish Gambino, so it was pretty hard to mess this movie up. Jordan Peele’s directorial debut was nothing short of amazing.

Jason: Logan

Wolverine fans everywhere got what they craved. The final movie of the Wolverine series with Hugh Jackman was FIRE. There were a shit ton of moments in the movie where you were on edge, and even if you didn’t watch any of the previous Wolverine movies, you would definitely appreciate this one. You see different sides of Hugh Jackman in the movie and the way his character develops in it, there’s no doubt it was one of the best character development processes this year.

Show of the Year

Greg: Game of Thrones, Season 7.

From the rise of Euron Greyjoy to Jon getting it on with his aunt, Game of Thrones delivered a drama filled, action packed season. We saw prominent deaths, we saw a fire breathing dragon and we saw that the Night King is really good at Javelin. The fact that we have to wait till 2019 to unravel the last chapter of this series makes me anxious. Is there anyway we can get this show in 2018?

Jason: Stranger Things, Season 2.

Season 2 of Stranger Things was everything that Stranger Things fans were expecting AND THEN SOME. Dart and Dustin had a huge impact on this season, and the whole season in general had you hooked from the beginning of it. The show’s new character addition of Billy probably made him the biggest douche on TV this year but he somehow kept you entertained with his constant battles with Steve. Steve by the way, had a complete different role this season as he was a bigger part of the concept of the show. All things considered, Season 2 was FIRE.

TV Moment of the Year

Greg: Pickle Rick – Rick and Morty.

Rick Sanchez, the genius scientist on the show, Rick and Morty, turned himself into a literal pickle so he wouldn’t have to go to therapy. He then got himself into a metaphorical pickle when his daughter takes the formula that turns Rick back into a human, where he proceeds to fight a series of rats and FBI agents for his quest to get the formula before time runs out.

Jason: Lonzo Ball’s random appearance on Fuller House.

ZO has been all over the media this year with a big thanks to the GOAT LAVAR BALL. Zo has been taking full advantage of it and he’s been on everyone’s timelines this year. The moment of the year for me was Lonzo popping up on Fuller House out of nowhere. Steve is having trouble choosing between moving to Los Angeles to become the foot specialist of the Lakers or staying in SF with DJ. So the Lakers decided to send Zo to San Francisco to help sway Steve’s decision — which he failed at.


Song of the Year

Greg: “Crew” – Goldlink

This one was a toss up between “Crew” by Goldlink and “Anita” by Smino, and I couldn’t go wrong with either, but I’m gonna have to go with “Crew” on this one. The song is the definition of a masterpiece in every aspect. The subtle production compliments a soothing Brent Faiyaz hook that has you feel like you’re listening to a reincarnated 90’s R&B artist. Shy Glizzy’s verse might be the hardest he’s ever come out with. It’s just one of those songs that you can never skip over when it comes on your shuffle.

Jason: “Boredom” by Tyler, the Creator.

This song shows how far Tyler has come. It’s a breath of fresh air compared to his old days when Yonkers was climbing the charts. His lyrics are still similar to the old days but he has really lightened up. On Boredom, he shows how far he’s come not only as an artist, but as a producer as well. Tyler got Rex Orange County and Corrinne Bailey Rae to put together one of the catchiest hooks of the year. Boredom has a mellow, laid-back vibe to it and to me it’s one of the most complete songs of the year.

Album of the Year

Greg: Freudian, Daniel Caesar.

Freudian was well executed, conceptually and musically . He goes through the arc of an intimate relationship, starting with the happy, honeymoon phase (Get you, Best part, Hold Me down) and transitioning to the self-realization of a relationship on the fringes  (Neu Roses, We Find Love). People were proposing left and right at his concerts, and there’s no secret why. The rawness of his lyrics and the honesty in his voice gives you an indescribable feeling as a listener.

Jason: Flower Boy by Tyler, The Creator.

This album is top to bottom beautiful. You could put this album on shuffle and not have to skip a track…which is exactly what I’ve been doing all year. Tyler changes up his whole vibe on this album and channels a more reflective and introspective approach to his music. Old Tyler fans couldn’t be disappointed either. Tyler made sure to shed some light on his old flow with tracks like, “Pothole” and “Who Dat Boy”. It’s clear that Tyler has gone through a transformation and some may say he has matured more. The way I look at it, Tyler’s gone through an evolution and with Flower Boy, he’s definitely discovering himself.

Artist of the Year

Greg: Goldlink. 

Goldlink was definitely my favorite artist of the year. My spotify top 100 songs had 3 tracks (Crew, Herside Story, Meditation) in the top 10. Can you tell that Goldlink is one of my favorite artists? Goldlink channels D.C.’s go-go sound to compliment the beautiful narrative he expresses of love, pain and nightlife in the DMV. In the words of Goldlink, “Goddamn, what a time, what a year.”

Jason: Migos.

Culture dropped in early 2017, but the momentum the Migos carried over from the album lasted all year long. Bad and Boujee kicked off the anticipation for this album and once Culture dropped, we were given a FIRE album. From T-Shirt and Slippery, to Get Right Witcha and Kelly Price, there were NO shortage of bangers. Throughout all of 2017 they began to be featured in numerous tracks. Songs like Congratulations, I’m the One, Ric Flair Drip, Portland, and Met Gala were all huge in 2017. Quavo even had a collab tape with Travis Scott while Offset had a collab tape with 21 Savage and Metro Boomin. Offset even dated the HOTTEST female artist of the year in Cardi B. The Migos owned 2017, and they’re definitely worthy of artist of the year.
Breakout Artist of the Year

Greg: Brockhampton.

Kevin Abstract is highkey a genius. There is so much artistry throughout the Saturation series. The name itself is a symbol of how they metaphorically saturated the music industry with three high-quality albums. You can feel the growth and maturation from Saturation I all the way to Saturation III. America’s favorite boy band is here to stay.

Jason: GoldLink.

Crew dropped in late 2016 but the song is HUGE now. The track is grammy nominated and the fact that people are finally starting to give Goldlink the credit he deserves is refreshing. Although I think 2017 is just a taste of what’s to come from Goldlink, I still give breakout artist to the rapper from DC thanks to Crew and the slow growth that it had all year long.

Music Video of the Year

Jason: “We Could be Free”- Vic Mensa.

Vic is probably one of the most woke rappers out right now, and if you watch this video it’s clear how much he cares about issues that are occurring all over the world.

Greg: “Vibin’ Out with (((O)))” – FKJ.

The bright and somber aesthetics of this video matches the tone of the song so perfectly. You got FKJ, which stands for French Kiwi Juice, playing the piano in the back in this minimalistic video.  FKJ is supremely slept on and if you haven’t checked him out, I immediately suggest so. You’re welcome.

Biggest Disappointment

Greg: Collab tapes.

And damn near all of them. Before the year started, I used to love having hypothetical conversations where I said, “What if X and Y did a collab album? That would be FIRE” but I realized not everyone can produce a Watch-The-Throne like album, or even come close to it. Metro came hard with the production, but the lyrics artists provided on it seemed rushed and low-quality.

Metro X Nav? Pass.

Metro X 21 X Travis? Nope.

Metro X Big Sean? You guessed it: no.

Future X Young Thug:  No for me, dawg.

Jason: Trip, Jhene Aiko. Jhene really didn’t come through on this tape as I thought she would. Other than the track with Swae Lee, the project was forgettable to me.

Line of the Year

Greg: A part of me wants to say it was when Offset said, “She swallow the bottle while I sit back and smoke Gelato” on Calvin Harris’s “Slide,” but in all honestly, it has to be when Quavo said “No lemonade, it’s simply” on “All Ass”. I don’t really have much analysis to this. I’m not even a fan of Simply lemonade, but whenever I was listening to “All Ass” and I heard Quavo say that, I would murmur to myself, “that’s the line of the year.”

Jason: “Tell em that we ain’t stuntin’ in 4th down we ain’t puntin’ it”- Shy Glizzy on Crew. It’s just a catchy ass line that makes his verse on the track even more fire than it already is.

Verse of the year

Greg: Smino’s second verse in “Anita.”

Smino shows off his rapping skills to the fullest on this album. His thick country allows him to bend and rhyme words you couldn’t even imagine. He rhymed ice cream with chocolate, volume and hallelujah, and makes 90’s references when he mentions Ginuwine and Erykah Badu. Smino is one of my favorite artists, and I can’t wait to see what else he has in store for us.

Jason: 6lack’s verse on “Over” by Syd.

6lack really killed this verse. It was as smooth as it was catchy and 6lack’s vocals were on par on the whole track. The duo of Syd and 6lack killed it.
Artists to Leave behind in 2017

Greg: XXX Tentacion and 6ix 9ine. They’re both looking at some jail time and for society’s sake, I hope they get locked away.

Jason: G-Eazy, Cardi B. I just wasn’t with the Cardi B movement this year and G-Eazy has fell off so hard. I definitely won’t claim him as a bay area artist.


Sports Team of the Year

Greg: The Houston Astros.

The fact that they overcame a catastrophic hurricane and a loaded Dodgers team gives them the edge over everyone. Can we also give the Sports Illustrated writer props for calling this win three years ago(!)?

Jason: The Houston Astros.

They killed it this year. The whole squad was clicking in the postseason. Altuve and Correa are studs and they showed it in the World Series.
Sports Moment of the Year

Greg: The National Anthem during football games. While this was a highly divisive time in our country, I commend the players who stood up (or in this case, kneeled) for what they believe in, and that was that racial injustice is an issue that still runs rampant in the United States.

Jason: The Patriots comeback in the SB vs. ATL. I hate to admit it because I hate the Pats but Brady was SURGICAL in the comeback. Going down 28-3 is brutal and it’s easy to count out teams when they go down that much…but this was Tom Brady. It was an incredible comeback win.

Sports Personality

Greg: Lavar Ball

You can’t deny the genius of Lavar Ball and his marketing skills. He has accumulated millions of dollars of free advertising for his brand, and he has just as many mentions on Twitter as Under Armour and Reebok. And on top of that, he is helping his wife rehab from a stroke while trying to create a basketball league as an alternative to the crooked (Sad!) NCAA.

Jason: Shannon Sharpe.

Shannon is literally what the sports world needed. He’s so woke about everything going on and it’s great that he’s always shutting up Skip.


Biggest Scandal

Greg: Hollywood scandals.

it would be hard pressed to find something (besides Trump) that rocked 2017 harder than the Hollywood sexual assault allegations and promped the #MeToo movement, starting with former Hollywood mega-giant Harvey Weinstein. That set off a chain of women coming out and one by one, the predators started to fall. Everyone from Mario Batali, to Louis CK was getting caught up. Hopefully, this leads to more predators being caught and eliminating this creepy culture from Hollywood.

Jason: See above 

Trump Moment of the Year

Greg: “Rocket Man.”

I guess my Trump “moment” of the year was when his slander of Kim Jong Un.  This man really called a temperamental dictator with nukes in his back pocket a little rocket man. The man is the definition of being out here.


How could anyone just choose ONE Trump moment of the year?? There was a shit ton of nonsense said by him but I would choose his battle with damn near all the news stations. FAKE NEWS
Biggest L

Greg: Anyone who slid in Mia Khalifa’s Dm’s or Complex.

Chad Kelly was denied multiple times and recently, Ajit Pai – the net neutrality douche – tried, but to no avail. Complex went from a respectable, credible new source to a click bait, poor content new supplier. They lost Emily Oberg, Jinx and most recently Joe Budden. Hold this L, Complex.

Jason:The Super Bowl meltdown of the Atlanta Falcons.

The Falcons because they literally fucking blew it. Yeah if you’re the Falcons you’re definitely getting the “blew a 3-1 lead” treatment… 28-3… COME ON NOW

What to leave behind in 2017

Greg: True Religion jeans, Lavar Ball slander, and Xanax.

Jason: Dying your hair to make it look like you’re a fucking fruity pebble on Xans. All these damn rappers are doing it and it’s just trash.

Meme of the Year

Greg: Bella Hadid.

Everything about her Sneaker Shopping video was horrendous. She was trying way too hard to be urban and hip and deservingly became a hilarious meme. It’s quiet for Bella Hadid in 2018 but if she can get it together, homegirl can like, get it.

Jason: It has to be the White guy blinking meme. You can use this meme for almost ANY moment.

Most Hyped

Greg: Champion.

Champion: Walmart’s bread and butter since 2001. Travis Scott wore Champion one time and now you got Urban Outfitters selling their T-Shirts for $34.95. My question is, if y’all like Champion so much, why aren’t y’all rockin’ the shoes? Who has to wear the shoes before the hypebeasts start wearing them?

Jason: The FILA brand comeback. It’s like the Champion comeback. Shit I would probably take Champion over FILA to be real.

Most Slept on

Greg: Soulection. This music collective led by Joe Kay consists of talents like who are trying to push the culture forward with their unique style of music. But it’s much more than that. Soulection is a genre, radio show, brand and label. If you like 90’s r&b, neo-soul, jazz, trap and electronic music, and if you like all this all combined into one song, Soulection is for you.

Jason: Big Fish Theory and The Autobiography. These albums were FIRE. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think these albums got the recognition they deserved.

Biggest fall off

Greg: Fetty Wap. He was the hottest thing in 2015, and he was destined for stardom, but could never get his act together. Now, he’s out here collaberating with 6ix 9ine? Has his music really stooped to a level this low? Fetty is officially CANCELLED.

Jason: Bryson Tiller. He dropped True to Self with 19 tracks on it and there was maybe a few songs that were decent. Since blowing up with Trapsoul, he hasn’t really followed it up with the same performance.

Biggest Fued/ Beef

Greg: KD vs Twitter

Kevin Durant is a top 3 basketball player in the world right now. He won a championship and is on the path to a few more but yet, he still feels the need to answer back to his haters and start pulling the trigger with his twitter fingers. You’re Kevin “MF’n” Durant and you have a burner account to clap back at fans. C’mon, Kevin. You’re better than that. The only thing he should be using Twitter for is to check his DM’s for any Instagram models that’s sliding on in.

Jason: Tyrese Vs. The Rock.

Tyrese was on Instagram trippin. It got out of hand and it was pretty weird. Come on Tyrese, how you gonna beef with THE ROCK.

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