MTB’s NFL Season Projections: Standings


The sun sets a little faster.  leaves are starting to fall.

Girls are wearing Uggs and leggings. The pumpkin spice latte is back.

But the best part is that football is back. Yes, we can all take a sigh of relief now.

Before the season kicks off, some of the writers got together and made an NFL Preview for the upcoming 2017 season. Below is our predictions and thoughts for each division.

Greg’s Predictions: 


Conference Finish AFC North WLT Div
2 Steelers 12-4 3-3
7 Bengals 9-7 6-0
9 Ravens 8-8 3-3
15 Browns 1-15 0-6

“With a high -powered offense and an emerging defense behind them, the Steelers should be the easy favorite.  With questionable quarterback play expected from the Bengals and the Ravens, I see them finishing at or around .500. The Browns are still in tank mode, so I expect them to finish with one of the league’s worst records.”

Conference Finish AFC South WLT Div
3 Titans 12-4 4-2
8 Texans 8-8 3-3
11 Colts 7-9 4-2
13 Jaguars 6-10 1-5

“If Marcus Mariota can make that next step as the team’s quarterback, the Titans should come away with this surprisingly competitive division. The Texans will lean on a rookie quarterback to try put points on the board to back up one of the league’s best defenses. As long as Blake Bortles is under center in Jacksonville, the Jaguars will never win this division.”


Conference Finish AFC East WLT Div
1 Patriots 15-1 6-0
10 Dolphins 8-8 4-2
14 Bills 4-12 2-4
16 Jets 1-15 0-6

“Not a lot to say here. The Patriots are the favorite to win the Super Bowl. The Bills and Jets are in tank mode. Cutler is playing football again. Besides the Patriots, expect this to be one of the worst divisions in football.”


Conference Finish AFC West WLT Div
4 Raiders 11-5 5-1
5 Broncos 11-5 3-3
6 Chiefs 10-6 3-3
12 Chargers 6-10 1-5

“I have the Raiders winning 11 games thinking the defense will improve enough to where Derek Carr doesn’t have to put up 40 just to be in the ball game. This is arguably the toughest division in football that can end up having 3 playoff teams.”



Conference Finish NFC North WLT Div
3 Packers 11-5 6-0
7 Lions 9-7 3-3
13 Vikings 6-10 3-3
16 Bears 2-14 0-6

“Will Matthew Stafford live up to his record-breaking contract? Probably, but I don’t think he will have the running game or defense to allow him to dethrone Aaron Rodgers as king of the north.”


Conference Finish NFC South WLT Div
4 Buccaneers 10-6 3-3
6 Panthers 10-6 3-3
8 Falcons 9-7 3-3
11 Saints 7-9 3-3

“Jameis Winston and the Bucs are primed to take the extra step and win the division. With new offensive weapons and a top-10 defense, they should come out as division champs at the end of the season.”


Conference Finish NFC East WLT Div
2 Giants 12-4 3-3
5 Cowboys 11-5 5-1
10 Redskins 7-9 2-4
12 Eagles 6-10 2-4

“No one knows how this Zeke situation will end up playing out. I did this as if he was missing 6 games, leaving just enough room for the Giants to win the division and get home-field advantage”


Conference Finish NFC West WLT Div
1 Seahawks 13-3 5-1
9 Cardinals 8-8 4-2
14 Rams 4-12 2-4
15 49ers 2-14 1-5

“With the Sheldon Richardson trade, the Seahawks defense is looking nasty. The Cardinals are still a few pieces away from competing again. As much as I want my 49ers to win, I dont see us performing well, but getting our rookies on the field will help us for the future.”

Jason’s Predictions


Conference Finish AFC North WLT Div
4 Steelers 11-5 5-1
6 Ravens 10-6 3-3
12 Bengals 6-10 4-2
14 Browns 5-11 0-6

Pittsburgh has one of the best offenses in the league. With Le’Veon fully healthy and Martavis back, the sky’s the limit for the Steelers. Factor in an up and coming quick defense, and this division should be theirs. I do have Cleveland making a little noise for their standards.”

Conference Finish AFC South WLT Div
3 Titans 12-4 4-2
7 Texans 8-8 4-2
8 Colts 8-8 3-3
15 Jaguars 3-13 1-5

The Titans are looking as solid as any team in the NFL, with a surging defense, a stud at QB who now has numerous offensive weapons, and a powerful offensive line. Tennessee is looking ready to breakout this season. Also, look for the Jag’s to disappoint once again with too much of a question at QB.”

Conference Finish AFC East WLT Div
1 Patriots 14-2 6-0
10 Dolphins 7-9 3-3
13 Bills 5-11 3-3
16 Jets 1-15 0-6

Is anyone really surprised here? The Patriots could very well go undefeated with all the firepower they acquired this offseason. No one in this division will even challenge New England with or without Julian Edelman. Not much to say here, this team could easily repeat as champions.”

Conference Finish AFC West WLT Div
2 Raiders 12-4 4-2
5 Chiefs 11-5 4-2
9 Chargers 7-9 2-4
11 Broncos 6-10 2-4

The Raiders are slated with a tougher schedule than last year, and their defense hasn’t been upgraded from the looks of it. The reason they’re winning the division? A healthy Derek Carr who put up seven 4th quarter comeback wins in 2016. This offense looks poised to be a force with Beast mode in the backfield.”


Conference Finish NFC North WLT Div
4 Packers 11-5 4-2
9 Lions 9-7 4-2
10 Vikings 9-7 4-2
16 Bears 2-14 0-6

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers ran the table last year and finished the regular season on a 6 game win streak. They shouldn’t have an issue winning the division this year as well after finally solidifying their backfield by giving the starting job to Ty Montgomery. Stafford’s pay day was well deserved, but the guy needs more help if Detroit wants some more W’s.”

Conference Finish NFC South WLT Div
1 Falcons 13-3 5-1
7 Saints 10-6 4-2
8 Buccaneers 9-7 3-3
13 Panthers 5-11 0-6

Atlanta is out here looking for revenge. They lost OC Kyle Shanahan but with Freeman, Coleman, and Julio, there’s a ton of talent on offense there. Dion Jones showed he could ball and the defense has been looking solid. The Falcons could make it back to the NFC championship. The Buccaneers may be a year away from breaking out.”

Conference Finish NFC East WLT Div
3 Giants 11-5 4-2
5* Cowboys 10-6 5-1
11 Redskins 7-9 2-4
14 Eagles 4-12 1-5

The Cowboys fairytale season last year will not have a repeat this year. The defense has lost some key assets and the suspension looming over Zeke is all a concern. In New York, the Giants’ defense has been getting better and better. Landon Collins and the secondary are rock solid, and if the offense gets it together this year, NY should make it deep into the playoffs. Kirk Cousins lost two studs on offense, and his trigger happy tendencies will end up costing them some close games.”

Conference Finish NFC West WLT Div
2 Seahawks 12-4 5-1
6 Cardinals 10-6 3-3
12 Rams 5-11 2-4
15 49ers 3-13 2-4

A healthy Russell Wilson may be the craftiest QB in the NFL. With Jermaine Kearse gone, this should open up more targets for explosive receivers in Tyler Lockett and Paul Richardson. The backfield is crowded, which sucks for fantasy football, but this gives Seattle insurance if a man goes down, especially with the talent they have. Playing in a fairly soft division, the Hawks should have no issues winning the division and possibly head deep into the playoffs.”


Archie’s Predictions


# AFC North WLT Div
2 Steelers 12-4 4-2
7 Bengals 9-7 4-2
12 Ravens 7-9 4-2
16 Browns 1-15 0-6

“Despite a mediocre defense, the Pittsburgh Steelers boast one of the most explosive offenses in the league. Big Ben, Le’veon Bell, Antonio Brown, and company will be enough to carry the defense and easily clinch a second straight AFC North title.”

# AFC South WLT Div
3 Titans 11-5 4-2
8 Texans 9-7 4-2
9 Colts 8-8 4-2
13 Jaguars 5-11 0-6

“Tennessee has been a popular breakout pick this offseason, and for good reason. They have one of the best young quarterbacks in the league in Marcus Mariota and have done well in building the offensive unit around him. If they can get some improvement on the 16th ranked scoring defense last year, the Titans can become a real threat in the AFC.”

# AFC East WLT Div
1 Patriots 14-2 6-0
11 Dolphins 7-9 3-3
14 Bills 4-12 2-4
15 Jets 2-14 1-5

“Unless Roger Goodell somehow finds a way to suspend both Bill Belichik and Tom Brady for 16 games (which, at this point, isn’t too far fetched), the New England Patriots are going to sleep walk their way to a 9th straight division title.”

# AFC West WLT Div
4 Chiefs 10-6 4-2
5 Raiders 10-6 3-3
6 Chargers 9-7 2-4
10 Broncos 8-8 3-3

“The AFC West is the best division in football, and it is really going to show this year. Many have picked the Raiders to win their first division title since 2002 but until the defense improves and Jack Del Rio shows he can coach on Andy Reid’s level, I’m going with the Chiefs to win the division.”


# NFC North WLT Div
1 Packers 13-3 6-0
10 Lions 8-8 4-2
11 Vikings 8-8 2-4
16 Bears 1-15 0-6

“After getting blown out of the NFC title game last year, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are going to be on a mission. With some improvements on defense and the return of a high powered offense, Green Bay will be poised to make another deep run after they sweep NFC North.”

# NFC South WLT Div
3 Falcons 10-6 3-3
5 Buccaneers 10-6 3-3
8 Panthers 9-7 3-3
9 Saints 8-8 3-3

“The NFC South may be the best division in football this year behind the AFC West and will spend all year beating up on each other. The up and coming Bucs will make a push but the defending NFC champs in Atlanta have a young and improving defense to pair with an offense coming off of one of the most prolific seasons in NFL history. Atlanta wins a second straight NFC South crown.”

# NFC East WLT Div
4 Giants 10-6 4-2
7 Cowboys 9-7 3-3
12 Redskins 7-9 3-3
13 Eagles 7-9 2-4

“Due to defensive concerns and Ezekiel Elliot’s suspension still not being solved, the Dallas Cowboys will see some regression after a 13-3 finish last season and the rest of the division will hover around .500 all season as well. However, the New York Giants look ready to make another Super Bowl run with Eli at the helm after going out and picking up Brandon Marshall and Evan Engram, two big targets that will help take some attention off of Odell Beckham Jr.”

# NFC West WLT Div
2 Seahawks 12-4 4-2
6 Cardinals 9-7 3-3
14 49ers 6-10 3-3
15 Rams 3-13 2-4

“The return of Russell Wilson and the Legion of Boom to health means bad news for the rest of the division and the league. We know what the defense can do, but if Seattle can regain their dominance in the run game on top of an evolving aerial attack, expect another deep run from the Seahawks.”


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