Bones Reclaims the Throne

The king is back! In the main event of last Saturday’s UFC 214, Jon “Bones” Jones dethroned former champion Daniel Cormier with a crushing head kick, closing the books on the greatest rivalry in UFC history and reminding everyone that he is the greatest talent to ever grace the Octagon.

With the belt back in hand and a win streak sitting at 14 fights in a row (and the #1 spot in the pound for pound rankings as well), the champ has some options for his next bout.

Following his victory on Saturday, Jones called out former Heavyweight Champion/WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar for a fight that would certainly draw a ton of fans and revenue.

Another option would be to fight the surging #3 contender Volkan Oezdemir who is coming off a knockout win of his own at 214. But with only 3 fights in the UFC leaving some doubt about his ability to bring in big pay per view numbers, Oezdemir may have to pick up another fight or two while Jones looks for a more lucrative fight to make up for his time away from the cage.

He may have his answer in Alexander Gustafsson, the #2 ranked challenger at 205 pounds. Gustafsson has won his last two fights after coming up short in a split decision loss to then champion Daniel Cormier at UFC 192 and also gave Jones arguably the toughest fight of his career at UFC 165(some even say Gustafsson won). He matches up well with Jones, has history with him, and is a big name in the division. It also gives Lesnar time to come back from a suspension and re enter the USADA testing pool.

I think it is a fight the fans want to see and is my personal pick for the next opponent that the champion takes on. How about you guys? Let me know your pick for Jon Jones’ next opponent in the comments section!



*featured image via UFC.com


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