Lonzo Ball: The savior for the LA Lakers.

First things first,


In my previous article about the Lakers needing to draft Josh Jackson, I was completely sold on the forward from Kansas because of the fact we had a solid point guard in D’Angelo Russell.

Little did I know..

The trade that sent D’Angelo Russell to the Brooklyn Nets might have caught a good amount of Laker fans off guard when they checked the update on their phones. At first, I thought it was an okay deal, because of the fact that we were dumping MozGod’s huge contract. Once I started to realize the thought process behind this move, it made way more sense. (Now if only the Lakers can somehow move the contract of Luol Deng…)

Magic and Rob Pelinka are ready to hand the keys to Lonzo Ball. There are many differences between the games of D’Angelo Russell and Lonzo. One of the most noticeable ones being that Lonzo is a phenomenal team leader, while Russell has not really shown much promise as a leader. Granted, this all may sound very early to be talking about Lonzo being a leader without him even playing in an NBA game yet.

Zo was an excellent leader when he was at UCLA. That’s his game.

The kid is a talented player who has put up incredible numbers in the summer league. Numbers that D’Angelo couldn’t put up. Not to knock Russell, because he did have solid summer league averages.

The Ball kid was putting up triple doubles and dropping 30 burgers on the opposition en route to a summer league championship title.

The difference here is that Lonzo led the Lakers summer league team to a title. He made all the extra passes and had other players looking like future stars (Kyle Kuzma). Lonzo is a classic point guard. He’s a pass first guard who can lead his team and also push the fuck out of the ball in fast breaks. Even his outlet passes have been looking like Kevin Love and that’s saying a ton.

Zo is a rookie that players are going to be wanting to play with. That’s the goal that Rob and Magic were trying to accomplish when they drafted him. He makes the game easier for others. The front office of the Lakers has an ultimate goal in signing two superstars next offseason. So this rookie season for Lonzo Ball will be huge for the Lakers franchise. If all goes well, maybe…just maybe.. the Lakers could be in the running for Paul George and/or LeBron James.

The more you watch tape on Lonzo and dissect his game and stats, the more you get the feeling that this kid might be incredibly special. He has the instincts that stars have, and his basketball IQ is off the charts. His shot may be a little unorthodox, but hey if you’re hitting threes, then what’s the issue? Lonzo is in a perfect spot being in Los Angeles. He’s comfortable in Southern California and has his family there.

I expect Lonzo to thrive in the NBA and have a very solid rookie year. Lonzo will be the player that the Lakers have been waiting for, and things are only going to get better from here on out for the Lake Show.

Lonzo Ball Rookie Year Predictions

14.7 PPG
6.8 APG
5.4 RPG
1.7 SPG
2.2 TO
46% FG
38% 3P

What does everyone think about these predictions?
Leave a comment below or tweet @morethanbuckets on what you think his stats will be!

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