Slept-On Sundays.

Slept-On Sundays #1: There’s A Lot Going On

Have you ever had an opinion on an entertainer or athlete that nobody really knows of?

Let me put it this way.

You know how good this person is at what they do, but not many other people do. For example, as I wrote my article about Vince Staples being the realest rapper out, not many people knew him. The intent is that he is so good at what he does, but he still doesn’t get the recognition and attention that he truly deserves.

Pause. This was literally me when I had a friend ask me who Vince Staples was.

Anyways, this is the point of Slept-On Sundays, it’s a new segment that i’m bringing to More Than Buckets about athletes, entertainers, albums, and frankly anything! When I say anything, I really mean anything.

I swear I can have you convinced on how slept-on french toast really is, but that’s an argument for another day.

Yeah, I’m a big foodie by the way.

Let’s dive straight into the star of our first segment.

There’s A Lot Going On
Album by: Vic Mensa

Vic Mensa isn’t known everywhere at this point of his career. His biggest track, “U Mad”, with Kanye West might’ve been one of the hottest bangers out for awhile. A year after, he came out with the EP, “There’s A Lot Going On“.

June 3rd marked the one year anniversary of Vic’s EP release. If you listened to this EP, you may understand his type of music and his flow. If not, then you might be in for an awakening on his style of rapping and his way of culture. “There’s A Lot Going On”, might have been one of the most brutally honest and woke projects I’ve heard in the past 10 years.

Vic raps about many different topics on this project. He raps about the struggles he had to deal with on his journey to becoming a star, which includes suicidal thoughts, drug addiction, and domestic violence. He also raps about social issues such as police brutality and injustice towards civilians.

The track list of this EP was phenomenal, it ranged from songs like 16 Shots that talked about the shooting of Laquan McDonald, to New Bae which was Vic rapping about how infatuated he was with this new girl he met.

Let me remind y’all that all Vic’s homeboys claim he ALWAYS has a girlfriend.

There’s A lot Going On was severely slept-on. The album had all the aspects you look for in a fuego album. The lyrics on this album were what you expect from an expert lyricist. The versatility in his words might have been the main reason why Vic really went OFF on this body of work.

The production on this album was done mainly by his man Papi Beatz, along with a couple co-producers like Smoko Ono and Vic Mensa himself. On his track, “New Bae”, Vic actually recorded his manager’s brother playing the Spanish guitar on his iPhone and later had Papi Beatz and Smoko Ono fix it up into a faster tempo.

Lyrics, production, and the album’s different vibes on each song is an attribute that not many artists can pull off so well. People could argue the album was all over the place topic, and vibe wise, but can you really knock an artist for having the guts to rap about honest personal topics along with problems that are occurring around the world?

I guess you can say this is an advantage for dropping an EP before an actual debut album.

There’s A Lot Going On is an album that should no longer be slept on, especially with Vic Mensa soon to drop his debut album, “The Autobiography” officially on July 28. If everyday hip-hop listeners end up fucking with The Autobiography, I’m 99% sure they’ll go back and check out T.A.G.O, and realize how slept they were on this EP.

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