Friday Fives

Friday Fives #2: Five Predictions for Game of Thrones Season 7

I’ve been waiting for this moment for over a year and now I get to scream it at the top of my lungs. Winter is here.


Game of Thrones only has two more seasons left – and the show is now ahead of the book – so anything is fair game. But with my unnecessary vast knowledge of Game of Thrones, I have come up with 5 predictions that I think will come to life in this upcoming season.



#1) There will an epic battle between The Mountain and The Hound

Last season brought us one of the best episodes (It happens to be my favorite episode) in Game of Thrones history with the battle of the bastards. This season will bring us the battle of the brothers Gregor and Sandor Clegane.

This is one of the, “well, no shit Sherlock” predictions that most Game of Thrones fans have seen coming from a mile away. We got a preview of this fight way back in season 1 when the two brothers were hacking away at each other until King Robert Baratheon shut that shit down with the ultimate swiftness.

Six seasons later, The Mountain has morphed into some sort of medieval Darth Vader and The Hound is lookin’. lookin’ for reveeennggee all summer ’17. If I’m gonna choose someone to walk out of this alive, I’m gonna have to go with The Mountain. He’s quite possibly the most feared man in all of Westeros and the writers for GoT have a history of not giving a single fuck about your feelings, so I got Gregor walking out alive from this soon-to-be fight of the season.

#2) A king will die yet again this season and this time its gonna be…

King of the Iron Islands Euron Greyjoy. Ya’ll remember him right? The guy that threw his brother off a super sketchy bridge. Every season has had one king croak, and I don’t see this trend stopping anytime soon.

But why Euron? Well, there aren’t many kings left to begin with. Tommen jumped off a tower so he can try to get some in the afterlife. Stannis was killed by Brienne a couple of seasons ago. They already killed Jon once, so there’s no way they kill him off again. (actually, knowing these heartless GoT writers, I’m not gonna say no way, but highly unlikely.)

So that leaves us with Euron. With Joffrey and Ramsey deceased, Euron takes over as the scummiest ruler in Westeros. How will he die? I think he is going to end up having a showdown with Jamie Lannister when he arrives at King’s Landing and will single-handedly (get it?) defeat Euron and keep the streak of a king dying in every season alive.

#3) Petyr Baelish will finally be killed, and it will be Sansa who ends him

Fuck Lord Baelish. Straight up. He’s betrayed Ned Stark, pushed Catelyn Stark’s sister Lysa off the Sky Tower, sold Sansa to that psychopath Ramsey and is still managing to manipulate his way into staying alive.

Sansa has turned into a total badass. She came to the rescue of older brother Jon (albeit some help from Baelish) and is now being taken as a serious as ever. She has endured so much and matured drastically throughout the show.

Littlefinger has caused Sansa and her family nothing but pain, so I see her finally taking a stand and ending this once and for all. I think she’s going to somehow outsmart Baelish and finesse him into giving her his army while stabbing him in the back figuratively and literally.

#4) One of the dragons will be slayed, leaving only two. Daenerys will ride one and the other will be ridden by…

The GOAT, Tyrion Lannister. So why Tyrion? First, he unchained one of Danny’s dragons, building a beneficial relationship along the way. Second, he is one of Daenerys’s closest allies at the moment. Who else would she have trust ride the dragon?

As we all know, Tyrion isn’t really cut out for battle on the ground. He slept through his first battle and outsmarted his way through the trial by combat by having Bronn fight for him. Let’s not forget about how incredibly smart Tyrion is. There’s no way he steps foot on the ground of another battle. I think he is going to end up on one of the dragons, directing them towards the enemy, whether that be the Lannisters or the white walkers.

#5) Jon Snow will finally find out who his real father is and find out he is related to a certain someone

One of the biggest mysteries in all of Game of Thrones is the man responsible for bringing Jon Snow into this world. We found out last season through one of Bran’s visions that Jon’s mother is in fact Lyanna Stark, proving one of the bigger fan conspiracies of the show. Although the show has not confirmed it yet, it is safe to say that his father is Rhaegar Targaryen, who is the older brother of Daenerys.

With Jon finding out that Danny is his cousin, he will seek to find her and form an alliance to not only defeat Cersei, but also those pesky Whitewalkers. Danny, Jon and Tyrion will for the Game of Throne’s version of the Big 3 and will not only seek to end this game of thrones, but this song of fire and ice.


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