The Most Overrated Franchise in Sports History: The Boston Celtics.

17 championships.

That’s all you’ll hear a Celtics fan brag about when you bring up basketball or any great sports franchise. Thing is, can you really brag about 17 chips if you weren’t alive for any of them before 2008?

I don’t think so.

Granted, i’m a 23 year old Lakers fanatic, but hey I can still claim I witnessed 5 titles, compared to 1.

As a Laker fan, i’m obliged to not fuck with the rival Celtics. See, but that won’t stop me from giving an un-bias review on how they’re the most overrated franchise in sports history. Let me educate y’all.

The Celtic-Laker rivalry was recently renewed in the 2008-2010 era, where they met in the NBA finals 2 out of the 3 years, splitting the matchups 1-1. Does anyone remember when the Celtics were relevant before that? Paul Pierce and Antoine Walker put together a season of 49 wins in 2002 and went out in the Conference Semis. (If i’m bringing up Antoine Walker and OVERRATED ASS Paul Pierce, you know that’s an issue alone.) The last time they sniffed a Conference finals before 2008 was back in 1988. That’s 20 years.

20 years.

The Celtics haven’t been shit since Larry Bird, who’s 60 years old now. In the past 30 years, Boston has only 1 championship. I don’t see all the hype for a franchise that has been incredibly unsuccessful in recent years, which have been the most important years for basketball as a sport.

Overrated indeed right?

Let’s talk about the 17 championships Boston loves to flaunt.

11 of their championships came before the 1970 season. How many teams were in the league around the time for their 11 chips? The maximum amount of teams from the years 1958-1969, were 14. 1969 had 14 teams in the league, most of the years before 1969, there were 8-10 teams consistently.

We talk about how weak the competition has been in the Eastern conference in the LeBron James era, but can you imagine if there were 8 teams in the league or let alone in the Eastern Conference? 

The Celtics get the ultimate pass on competition level, yet they still get to glorify their faulty titles.

There’s no question that the Celtics were the first team to be a powerhouse in the early NBA, but they weren’t great enough to pioneer the NBA into the next level. The NBA shifted into the next level thanks to the rivalry that began with the Lakers and Celtics. This rivalry turned out to be very competitive thanks to a 6’9 Point Guard from Michigan State named Earvin “Magic” Johnson.

The Bird- Magic rivalry lifted the NBA into the public eye and took the NBA by storm. The league simply wasn’t the same after Magic and the Lakers battled Bird and the Celtics. The NBA was put on the map and has been growing ever since. One thing that hasn’t been growing since the Magic- Bird rivalry?

The Celtics.

While the Lakers, Bulls, Spurs, Warriors have been growing consistently throughout the years, the Celtics have been merely a footnote since their glory days.

Although, Brad Stevens took over and completely changed the culture of the team, they still weren’t able to get past LeBron James in the Eastern Conference Finals.

So let’s not let these Celtics fans run happy and wild with their “accolade” of 17 championships, there’s no question that they get more credit than they actually deserve. There are greater franchises in sports and they should be honored lightyears ahead of the Boston Celtics. (Ex. New England Patriots, La Lakers, San Antonio Spurs)

I will give the Celtics this, they might finally be on the come up in the next few years due to great drafting, coaching and management. It took a damn long while, but hey,

It’s about time.

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