George Brewster Intro

If you are looking for the OFFSET of this More Than Buckets Migos’ trio  look no further. (Yeah I said it)  The trendy, often misunderstood, yet talented, member who keeps us all together with a crazy melodic flow who stays bodying verses.  And yes I can bag Cardi B as well. I am a senior editor here at More Than Buckets writing about politics, law , current affairs, sports, and damn near anything and everything under the sun.  A little about me; I am an upcoming law student who has  spent most of my adult life studying, researching, and analyzing political structures around the country. As a consequence, politics has always been my first love in the realm of popular discussion. The intersection of politics and law in our modern governmental and social institutions will be the majority of what I will be discussing on my post. However, growing up as a millennial Bay Area native my beliefs, values,  and opinions have been shaped from widely disparate events and experiences;  Which is why I believe we here at More than Hoops can provide unique  perspectives on a vast array of topics. From the Hyphy

Movement of mid  2000s,  the Golden age of Kanye West, the  very painful  failings of Oakland professional sports teams and other realities and practicalities from our daily lives make  us uncommonly positioned  to discuss,  address, and debate the day’s most popular and controversial social issues. Conversely,  I am often the odd man out  in my views especially when it comes  down to  some of my most ardent opinions which means some of you will not  completely agree with everything I have to say. Which to I say good.  The purpose of  More than Buckets , as a forum of discourse,  is  to be a place that encourages thoughtful  debate , values the  expression  of uncommon ideas , and challenges  the most important and entertaining  ideas in all areas of society. So in truth we welcome counter views. So if you are ready to learn why rappers should stop putting Lil Wayne on verses in 2017; Why Tupac will and should be remembered as an overrated footnote in the annals of rap history; Why Drake deserves to be on the Mount Rushmore of Black entertainment with Michael Jackson , Beyonce, and Oprah; How Liberals gave us Trump; Why  President Barack Obama is the one and only GOAT POTUS;  and other insightful and tendentious opinions check out my post  and let me know.

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