Vince Staples: The REALEST rapper in the game.

When you think of a real rapper what do you think of? It’s not an easy question to answer so quickly.  Everyone has their opinions about what they consider a REAL ass rapper. Some will say Kendrick, J. Cole, or Eminem. I mean that list is literally screaming REAL but if you ask me, there’s only ONE true, real rapper in the game.

Let me put you on to Vince Staples.

Honestly it kind of shocks me how many people don’t really listen to Vince that much. I mean before the Norf Norf controversy happened with that mother who lost her shit on Twitter, not many people were really listening to him.

Vince is different.

Most rappers will put themselves into beef with other rappers just for publicity, or they’ll do it just because they view beef as apart of the rap game. Which in a sense is true if you’re looking back at the history of hip-hop/rap. Biggie and Pac, Cube and N.W.A, even Jay-Z and Nas. All these beefs were monumental for the rap game.

But who’s to say you can’t change a culture? Vince is one of the few rappers who simply do NOT give a fuck about beef. While other rappers are taking shots at each other, including the hard hitters I mentioned (J.Cole, Kendrick, Eminem), Vince is just doing his own thing writing rhymes and rapping. Why demean another rapper when you’re both just trying to succeed in the business? Few rappers have this type of view point when they’re facing criticism from their fellow colleagues. I hella fuck with rappers who are out here minding their own and are strictly business.

His latest single to this date is “Big Fish” with Juicy J on the hook. If his new album, “Big Fish Theory”, is gonna sound anything like this, the whole music industry is gonna be put on. While listening to any of Vince’s tracks, you can hear him spittin’ only true lyrics. “At the park politicin’ with the kids, tryna get em’ on a straight path, got the lames mad”. Vince is still in his hood trying to reach back to his community and get the kids on a better path.

The dude still lives in an apartment, even after buying his mama her own house like come on.

His thinking is so complex and out of the norm, he doesn’t fuck with drugs like other rappers do and the way he speaks in interviews, makes himself look really mature and woke. Vince is out here questioning his fans and their loyalty. Most rappers will just be talking about how much they love their fans. Vince will raise the question on if his fans really love him.

Yeah it’s a little weird that an artist will question the people who make him popular, but what rappers nowadays will have the guts to even do that? There’s positives and negatives to his tactic, and a ton of risk. That’s what makes his approach to the game so different and vulnerable as well.

If you still don’t know about Vince Staples and his music, then I feel sorry for you still listening to these corny ass rappers. Hip-Hop is damn near Pop nowadays, but the Rap genre is still living on thanks to rappers like Vince Staples.

Get educated about real rap, and go listen to Summertime 06 until Big Fish Theory comes out on June 23rd.

Vince is gonna blow up with Big Fish Theory and Rap will be back on the map in an even bigger way.



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