NBA Finals 2k17: Who you got?

Okay so let’s be honest, everyone has already banked on the idea of a three peat matchup between the Warriors-Cavaliers in the 2017 NBA Finals. Do the other playoff teams even have a shot? Let’s pause. The remaining teams are the Celtics, Wizards, and Spurs as of now.

Can we envision a Celtics-Warriors matchup? Maybe in the regular season where, in the grand scheme of things, doesn’t really matter. But don’t get me wrong, 5’9 Isiah Thomas is so fun to watch.

Wizards-Warriors? Hate to break it to you guys, but John Wall and Bradley Beal are barely the third best backcourt in the NBA. Matter of fact they’re fourth in my book (Best backcourts article TBD). So yeah, sorry Washington. Maybe in a couple years when you get more experience and aren’t doing tackling drills on the hardwood (see: Kelly Oubre). 

But what about a Spurs-Cavaliers matchup? It sounds intriguing but can Coach Pop rally his players to beat the Warriors 4 times to have a chance to see the finals? I wish. Popovich in the NBA Finals just seems so right. I apologize again San Antonio, you might have arguably the best player in the league, greatest coach of all time but come on now, Kawhi can’t guard 3-4 superstars at the same time.

Enter Cavaliers-Warriors. Yeah we’re back where we started. Anyways, sorry I bothered you with a bunch of Eastern Conference teams who don’t deserve to be in the same breath as the Warriors- Cavaliers. Respect to the Spurs though always, you go Coach Popovich! 

So who’s winning the NBA Finals this year? Cavaliers have been looking great running through the Eastern Conference… which may as well be the issue. They play in the EASTERN CONFERENCE. That’s probably the biggest knock on the Cavaliers, but it doesn’t really matter when you have LeBron James. The man is INSANE in the playoffs. This postseason he’s been dealing a smooth, laid-back 34-9-7, all while shooting 56% from the field and 47% from three. That’s virtually unfair to go up against. 

Yeah LeBron’s stats look great but basketball is still a team sport. He’s surrounded by 3 point shooters who are all in a great position for themselves with LBJ running the show. He’s also got probably the most clutch TWO-WAY player in the NBA in his backcourt. Yeah, Uncle Drew is the man in the clutch (sorry about last year Warrior fans). That man was bred with Mamba Mentality. Now, the third “star” Kevin Love. K Love, who legit is the best player in the NBA at executing the outlet pass, had a really under the radar year averaging a nice 19-12. All of these pieces, plus more chemistry from last year could really give the Warriors a fight.

But come on guys, GSW has… Steph “the baby-faced assassin”, “Cupcake” Kd, Klay, and Money Dray. That’s FOUR superstars who have a legit argument to be named the best in the NBA at their position. That’s not an easy task to take on. Plus, do the Cavs even have a shutdown defender? I mean LeBron is always good but who else? Kyrie will have flashes when he needs to. Kevin Love… yeah no I’m not gonna waste my time with him. JR Smith will give the effort but lets be real he CAN’T guard Klay (Who can though??). Shumpert? He hasn’t been the defender he used to be since his injuries. Who else is left?? 

Yeah, the Cavs won it last year, but last year the Warriors had BUM ass Harrison Barnes where KD is now. That’s a HUGE difference. Those missed threes and turnovers from Barnes last year, will be KD cashing in, and tossing dimes this year. Plus, a game 7 without Draymond. Come on now, the Warriors are BARELY a 4th seed without Draymond.

I wish you luck Cleveland, I really do. I actually really want you to repeat. But that trophy is coming back to the Yay Area.


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