If you know anything about me, you know that I absolutely LOVE music. If you don’t know me, well let me tell you a fun fact about me:

I LOVE music.

Go ahead and roast me about my personal life or my appearance, I won’t blink an eye. I’ll slander you back just as hard. But call my music taste trash?

That’s where we draw the line, buddy.

No one has ever said that to me by the way, unless they were trolling me or something. The point I am trying to make is that my music is an accurate representation of who I am today.

Over the course of my brief time on Earth up to this point, I can say I’ve listened to a diverse range of music. I grew up in a household where funk, Motown, Michael Jackson and 90’s R&B ruled the stereo. I lived in the Bay Area when we had this little thing called “The Hyphy Movement.” From alternative rock, to country, to old and new-school hip-hop, I’ve heard it all.

What I want to do with this is share my love for music with you wonderful people. I’m going to review the latest albums to come out and let you know what I think. I’m going to share with you the hidden gems that are buried deep into the SoundCloud database. I’m also going to write about my thoughts on popular music takes, past and present. Everything is open game, but this is mainly what you should expect from me.

I’m looking forward to my first official post, and I hope you are too.






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